Price comparison of air purification systems

(Here you can request any supplier of air systems, as long as you tell us their website and you will find that we are by far the best supplier of healthy air)

Ulmair X80 


Air2live 2 x Power

Based on the comparison, you can see that in all 5 categories Air2live is not only better, but considerably better. Of course, all technical data are from the provider’s website.

The problem with ionisers is that some institutions in the EU and the US are not pursuing this technology. Good suppliers of ionisers or anion generators (but without ozone, as almost all Chinese devices also produce ozone) are few and far between in the EU. Take for example the company Biow, no running costs except for a little electricity, but much more effective than normal air purifiers. But if you compare their devices with ours (anions per cm³ and the price), we are far ahead of the market.

In my personal opinion, this is one of the best devices on the market and, above all, Mr Röck (manufacturer) is very good at communicating the health benefits of oxygen ionisation.
But now for a comparison with our device, the AG 2.0:
Their price is 3 times as high.
Their output is only 12 million, whereas we produce 200 million per cm³.
Since, according to their own statement, only about 200,000 anions per cm³ are inhaled, I wonder whether 200 million in the room are not better than inhaling a few hundred thousand, whereby the inhalation only runs for a maximum of 90 minutes, but our 200 million are there around the clock?