Customer reviews

Co-owner of 3 pharmacies at Münchner Freiheit

„Our air purification units could not be beaten despite a comparison over several weeks“.

The customer had first ordered several units and then reordered one unit per pharmacy.

Plants grow better with a high concentration of anions

In our winter garden I have experienced a very positive development since we have been working with the anion device, i.e. some flowers bloom earlier and also more beautifully

Much better for the regeneration of the body

Due to the slight coolness of the anions, you can fall asleep more quickly and also enter the deep sleep phase more quickly, i.e. even with a short sleep of 3 – 4 hours, you are refreshed afterwards and not exhausted…

Lose weight with anions

Because you are in the deep sleep phase faster and therefore longer, the body burns much better.

Anions strengthen the immune system

Smoking allowed at home again

The unhealthy things for passive co-smokers are chemical toxins and also the fine dust 2.5 PM. But with the anion generator 2.0, all pollutants are filtered out of the air within one minute in a room with 20 to 30 m². In addition, we can recommend a powder that cleans all arteries/veins in the body, which can also be proven by ultrasound at your family doctor.

The Happiness Effect

How do I get sick less often or feel more satisfied in general? I can also greatly strengthen my immune system and considerably prevent „society’s diseases“ such as

tooth decay.
Heart and vascular diseases.
Dementia and Alzheimer’s
Diabetes mellitus type 2.
High blood pressure.
Overweight and obesity.
Some allergies
certain cancers (e.g. lung cancer, colon cancer)….

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