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Anti Aging – A longer life through anions

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Anions are formed when atoms take up electrons. This creates a relative surplus of electrons (negative charge carriers), which is no longer balanced by the protons (positive charge carriers) present – the negative charges predominate, the ion is negatively charged.

And every electron acts as a „radical killer“ when inhaled, thus delaying your ageing and helping your body to regenerate. If you breathe fresh air somewhere (waterfall, mountains, forest,…) it is air with a high concentration of anions.


Our oxygen ioniser or anion generator 2.0 costs only 995,- € (+ 19 % VAT) and has over 200 million anions per cm³ without ozone. No system sold in Europe can do that, because all stone or concrete buildings have unhealthy air, but not in the sense of toxins, but from the lack of anions, as in forests, mountains or generally in the countryside. I.e. our focus is not on air purifiers, but on anion technology, as it naturally neutralises anything unhealthy in the air and in your body. Our anion generators 2.0 to 4.0 are made in China, but with the wrong modules, i.e. they produce ozone in addition. We have these generators refitted on our behalf with more modern modules, i.e. without ozone. There are some oxygen ionisers, but the unit with the highest concentration of anions (negatively charged oxygen molecules) per cm³ on the market, has just 12 million and we have 200 million.

Low price guarantee“ campaign

Low price guarantee means that even if we do not include all our free services (customised design, installation in Munich, wall module suspension), we can guarantee that there is no equivalent system in the world (health benefits for people). In addition, we guarantee that our systems have the best price-performance ratio only on the basis of the technical data and would pay the price difference for an equivalent system that is cheaper, even 3 months after purchase to our customers.

Parents against Corona“ campaign

Since many schools and kindergartens do not have the money for the optimal protection (against Covid19, residential toxins such as mould or formaldehyde) of their children and subsidies very often do not work, we would like to ask the parents of the children to provide optimal air purification (each person breathes over 12,000 litres of air per day), i.e. Whether school or kindergarten, at our prices an amount of less than 10,- € per month for 3 years (leasing) is sufficient for the optimal safety of your child, as our systems have a 3 year guarantee, everything runs automatically, there is a 72 hour replacement service and even the filters are changed free of charge after the 1st and 2nd year. Please contact the parents‘ council or the parent body to protect your child.

Good air“ campaign

If you want, you can get 1 measuring device from our staff free of charge for 3 days, against a security deposit of 100,- Euro, to test the air quality at your place. Or they can ask one of our employees to test their ambient air free of charge.

Anion generator“ campaign

From mid-March, all our customers can exchange their old anion generator 1.0 (28 mio./cm³) for max. 33 m² against our new anion generator 2.0 (oxygen ioniser with 200 mio./cm³) for max. 240 m² with a 50% discount (retail price 995,- €, their price 500,- €).

„Earning without work. Germany’s fairest distribution“


From the beginning of May, the company will set up a sales force that will hire anyone where you can earn money on absolutely good terms, where you need relatively little time and which will automatically increase over time, i.e. after about a year you will only earn from the follow-up commissions.

Ordering and paying at Air2live

As we sell mainly through our direct sales force (advice intensive product), I ask buyers who wish to order online to please do so by WhatsApp, 01577 5797767, or by email,

Payment in advance by bank transfer or PayPal (

Air purification through „anion technology“.

Over 90% of our „societal diseases“ are caused by too many pollutants in the air.

People eat maybe 1 litre per day, drink 1-3 litres per day, but breathe 12,000 litres per day.

Toxins in our homes, such as mould, asbestos, plasticisers, formaldehyde in our air, are the most common pathogens of our time. All pathogenic suspended matter in our air is positively charged, i.e. our negative ions (anions) render the suspended matter ineffective, as they attract each other (cluster) due to different charges and neutralise them by coating.


Air purifiers as advertising space

As our air purification systems (website/products 08) have a guarantee of up to 5 years, everything runs automatically, the financing of a system costs just between 30,- € and 40,- € per month (depending on the interest rate for 5 years leasing/financing). In return, you have a permanent advertising space (A3) with a shelf for flyers and your customer has the best air purification system in the world at the moment, thanks to our AG 2.0 (anion generator with 200 million anions per cm³). This means that you have an advertising space with your target customers, e.g. an insurance company advertises a new product above our air purifiers in the waiting rooms of doctors…….

Of course, the advertising space (foil) and flyer can be changed at any time.


We can survey any premises to the current DIN standard and certify to ULPA15. Useful for a claim during „Lockdown“ or other restrictions like „2G“. In addition, we have applied for medical approval for our facilities, which we will receive in June/July ’22.


Are anions safe?

Absolutely yes. Of course, with our high concentrations, static charges can occur and you might get a „wipe“ if you touch something made of metal, but since the current is absolutely low, you will not run any risks to your health, nor will you feel any pain. Furthermore, it has been proven for many years that negative ions (anions) help people’s health. For more details, please click on the „Anti Aging“ information.





Service (free of charge) & warranty

The following services are free of charge for the air purifiers: Free-standing unit with wall mounting, Really any possible design….

In case of non-functioning units, you will receive another unit within 72 hours in Munich (7 days with DHL) after we have received the defective unit.

Warranty is 2 – 5 years, depending on offers / purchase quantity.

You can test our oxygen ioniser (AG 2.0) for as long as you like.





All our air purifiers have air quality sensors that scan the air for pollutants (fine dust, aerosols, chemical or organic pollutants) every minute. This means that only in the case of measured pollutants, the motor power is increased and our devices clean everything bad out of the air within a few minutes. Our air purifiers work fully automatically and only need to be turned on and off.

The oxygen ionisers work around the clock anyway, because the more anions, i.e. oxygen molecules with one more electro, the better for your health.


Of course, an air purifier with a Hepa14 filter is better than one with a worse filter. But this is in no way decisive for our technology and its concentration, because our oxygen ioniser forms negatively charged oxygen molecules that cluster everything positively charged (fine dust, viruses, bacteria,…) so often that all pollutants sink to the ground due to their weight. This means that our air purification system, if the units are positioned correctly, works more effectively than any other air purification system on the market. We advertise our ULPA15 system as 99.99995%, but it is more like 100%.