Our air purifiers are certainly the best offer in the D A CH states, but with the anion generator 2.0 we cannot be topped worldwide.

There are several ways to prove that our systems are the best:

1. take any competitor’s equipment and give us their web. – address. We will then compare their best offer with our system no. 08 and publish it under customer opinions/price comparison.

2. anion concentrations can also be converted into m³ and m², as the minimum concentration should be 1,000 anions per cm³. So compare yourself only the price and the possible maximum m³ air purification capacity per hr.

3. you test our anion generator for a period of time for a very reasonable 25,- € per week and you will notice yourself what a difference it makes to your well-being.

4. you take, for example, a shisha bar (all shisha bars must have a ventilation system costing many thousands of euros), take its smokiest room and use our anion generator 2.0. Within a few minutes, the air is not only clean, but free of pollutants.