Natural ways of health

Here we show you the most important natural remedies (from other manufacturers) that have been proven to improve their health.

Today, it is textbook knowledge for every medical student that L-arginine prevents almost every type of cardiovascular disease through the formation of NO. The work of the physicians Furchgott, Murad and Ignarro on this was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998. Thousands of other studies and several meta-analyses have since confirmed the essential effect of L-arginine and NO as messengers in the cardiovascular system. Since NO relaxes and dilates the arteries, blockages or deposits that lead to heart attacks can no longer occur.

Powder of life

The „powder of life“ is only called that because the most common cause of death in Germany and Europe is „cardiovascular diseases“ and according to the Nobel Prize (Medicine 1998) and your own family doctor (on the ultrasound of the carotid artery, your doctor can show you that your arteries will be absolutely clean, i.e. free of any deposits that lead to heart attacks), if you take this powder regularly, you can neither have a heart attack nor any other blockages of the arteries.
(And best of all, you can get it as a drinking shot too).
In 1998, 3 scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research into the relationship between arginine and the body’s secondary messenger nitric oxide (NO).
Other benefits include that the powder has more health-promoting vitamins, minerals and amino acids (more than 120) than any other supplement on the market, which makes it more alert and powerful throughout the day.

Oil of health

This oil contains all the really important vitamins and minerals in liposomal form (liposomal means with an outer lipid or fat layer, as the body’s cells absorb this more easily, i.e. the bioavailability is more than 30 times higher), which the body urgently needs.

Vit. D3, K2, C, Omega 3 und Gluthation

Tea of the Thousand Years


Normally, the tea of the millennials and the herb of immortality is Jiaogula tea. However, since a few other teas (PuErh, Matcha, Lapacho, annual mugwort,…) are also extremely healthy, the tea of the millennials is a tea blend of your own choice from the 10 healthiest known teas.